Terms and Conditions


‘Made in Britain’ is the trading name for Made in Great Britain Campaign Limited, registered in England & Wales No 08566119. The company is a not-for-profit organisation with the objective of raising awareness of British manufacturing and communicating this to businesses and consumers in the UK and overseas. We use the word ‘Britain’ to refer to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Our terms and conditions cover the application, approval and granting of permission to an individual, business or organisation to use the Made in Britain marque on their products, packaging and in their digital or print media. These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change periodically and are governed by the laws of England. Any dispute arising shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Approval of Application
Application to use the Made in Britain marque is made via the online form here. We aim to review applications within 10 working days. We may request written evidence with references and, in some circumstances, we may ask to visit your business premises as part of the approval process. If we believe a visit to your premises is necessary, or requested by you as part of our marketing and communication collaboration, we will always arrange this with a reasonable period of notice and in line with your business and the marketing team. We hope and expect that all our members are open to demonstrating to the general public exactly how their products are made. We will respect all concept, design and product innovation confidentiality at all times as well as any IP considerations.

The Made in Britain marque
The marque and text Made in Britain was created by The Partners design agency in 2013, specifically to be easily applied to any surface or material – glass, wood, plastic, paper and metals. It can also be applied to any digital, print or audio-visual media. The trademark has been registered by Made in Britain Campaign Ltd under a collective registration – you can see the registration at the IPO website here and the application across all product classes here

Any individual, business or organisation that manufactures some or all of their products in the UK can apply to be a member of the Made in Britain Campaign. Successful application means your business can apply the marque to the product and product packaging only of those items that are made in the UK. Members are licensed to use the Made in Britain marque on the condition they have paid their annual fee in full. The membership fees are detailed at the bottom of the Application Form.

Provenance and Made in Britain
When we say "Made in Britain" we are referring to the provenance of manufactured products. This means acknowledging the place where the product last underwent a treatment or process resulting in a substantial change. We take this description from The Trade Descriptions Act 1968/Section 36

This requires that the place of manufacture be accurate and truthful. This Act makes it a criminal offence for an individual, business or organisation, in the course of business, to apply false or misleading trade descriptions to goods. The term “trade description” includes, amongst others, indication of the “place of manufacture, production or processing” of the goods. The Act also prohibits the importation of goods bearing false indications of origin.

Some countries request a Certificate of Origin for goods that are being exported from the UK. The trade body responsible for issuing Country of Origin certificates in the UK is The British Chamber of Commerce. Their website is here

If you are unsure as to whether your product/s qualifies for the Made in Britain marque and want to apply, then please contact us here.

Once you are a member of the Made in Britain, we will provide your company with full details of how to apply the Made in Britain marque. We'll send you the Welcome Pack which contains your Membership Card and your unique membership number. The Marque Handbook contains all the specifications your marketing department will need to apply the marque on your product, packaging or point of sale. We are committed to helping your business apply the marque to products, packaging and on line, and we can help troubleshooting any difficulties with specific materials. We encourage our members to explore different ways the marque can be applied so we can circulate these to other members, encouraging them to explore creative ways to use the marque.

Members are not permitted to alter or amend in any way the design elements of the marque. Please always refer to the Brand & Marque Handbook. It's better for everyone if the marque remains the same so more people recognise British manufacturers and their goods.

Membership Fee and Annual Declaration
The creation of the Made in Britain marque and the management of the campaign is made possible by the annual fee that your business is charged. Your company will be invoiced once per year, 30 days before the end of your membership renewal date. We kindly request you make payment before the due date.

If you wish to cancel your membership please ensure this is done before the renewal date. If not, full payment for the following year will be due. After you have cancelled your membership you will no longer be entitled to display the marque on product, packaging and point of sale. We consider it your responsibility to ensure the marque is removed promptly. 

Once per year before your membership renewal date, we will request that your business re-confirm its declaration of provenance. This declaration must be made by the owner or a company director or someone acting on their behalf. Our organisation is committed to keeping updated on the status of our members regarding changes in the number of products they make and the location of their manufacturing plant and the number of people employed.

Made in Britain Events

Made in Britain will organize events on-line ( digitally ) and in person around the UK and overseas to help our members sell more with the Made in Britain marque. Members may be charged to attend and/or to register, and may on occasion include invites to non-members of Made in Britain. Any fee payable to Made in Britain to cover costs or to support the event in other ways will be additional to the annual licence fee that the member pays. As a not-for-profit organization, Made in Britain will seek to recover costs for its events and seek cash and value in kind sponsorship where possible.

The decision to grant membership to your business and the use of the Made in Britain marque is made by Made in Great Britain Campaign Ltd. If an individual, business or organisation believes that the decision is incorrect, you have the right to provide additional proof of manufacture and/or a visit.

Made in Britain Annual Membership Fees
Company turnover up to £ 1m per annum - £150 excl. VAT
Company turnover between £ 1m - £ 5m per annum - £300 excl. VAT
Company turnover between £ 5m - £ 30m per annum - £1000 excl. VAT
Company turnover over £ 30m per annum - £1500 excl. VAT