Rawside Furniture

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Rawside Furniture
The Undercroft, Kennington Park
1-3 Brixton Road
United Kingdom

Tel. 020 7138 3328

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Rawside Furniture


Furniture is our passion and we think that building it right here in the city helps capture its eccentricities (and the quirks of the people who help to make it.)

We are proud of our craftsmanship and use it in the development of products that work for you – it’s not our way to force a soulless design under your table just because everyone else has one.

Of course, there are some added benefits to having us here - you won’t, for example have to wait weeks for your new furniture to arrive and we are always available for a chat - plus, our rapid response installers can pop by your office to build it for you (and even take all the mess away with them,) like they were never there.

Made with a lifetime guarantee, we offer smart design without custom-made prices, elegant looks with near-indestructible ruggedness and simple thinking with infinite customisation.

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