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Muso Mirror Ltd

There are plenty of tools out there to help guitarists get the most out of a practice routine, metronomes, backing tapes etc. A mirror can dramatically speed up the acquisition of good technique but is seriously under utilised despite most people having a mirror in the home.

The Muso mirror helps with playing posture; it can stop guitarists looking over the neck to see their hand position; you can better see the angle created by your knuckles; you can work better on vibrato technique.

I’ve used a mirror for years in my guitar practice and use it with all my students and and try and encourage them to use it at home. I’ve found that mirrors are not used more often because it is not ‘easy’ enough to setup and not often dedicated for just music usage.

Having  a mirror designed specifically with music in mind that clips easily to a music stand or table and can be contorted / adjusted to the right position makes more sense and will encourage continued use.

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