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Nuwold is a family brand and collaboration founded by an uncle and niece. Ian Nash and Stace Hodgson trained and participated in creative design fields before coming together to form Nuwold. Both founders always had a dream of collaborating on a project however distance, till recently, had been a barrier with Ian living for most of his previous working life in America and Stace living and working in the UK. 

There is a “heritage modern” sensibility to the brand that permeates through the design influences of the product. This, “look back but embrace new”, approach encapsulates the design decisions evident in the work that Nuwold creates and these elements are interjected through the products colour themes, hardware design and qualities of leather and other materials. What drives this design pairing are a love of artisanal skill sets, heritage product influences and the desire to combine these into functioning cohesive and current creations. The resulting product offers durability, quality and gives the customer a lasting level of timelessness that transcends trend and seasonality.

All Nuwold product is currently made in England with the leather goods made from vegetable tanned leathers sourced in Italy. Patterns and prototypes are all created in-house by the designers themselves and they are crafted by a small group of carefully selected artisanal producers skilled in working with this dynamic leather and with the knowledge of how to handle it so its patina does not start to early in the manufacturing process. 

Nuwold is part of the re-manualization movement making a conscious decision not to take the automated path if a handwork skill will give a better result or more compelling product. Mechanisation is not used at the expense of quality and manual finishing processes add durability while being aesthetically pleasing. Ian and Stace go that extra step. It’s important to them that they take that extra step, they say, even though it may not be noticed by everyone, it’s important that they know it’s there.

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