Eyejusters Ltd

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Eyejusters Ltd
Unit 6, Curtis Industrial Estate
North Hinksey Lane

Tel. 01865 582010

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Eyejusters Ltd

Eyejusters help you see at all close-up distances. No more switching reading glasses!

Turn the eyeDials™ to change the lens to any strength between +0.00 and +3.00 D.

When you're young, your eyes can easily change focus between distant and near objects. As your eyes age, they lose the ability to do this, so nearby objects are blurry. Eyejusters bring that ability back. With the turn of two revolutionary eyeDials™ hidden behind the frame (one for each lens), you can choose your focus. It's a bit like focusing binoculars.

Focus on all nearby objects and activities with ease. Eyejusters can adjust to help you with all your activities.

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