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Clarke Tinwhistle Company Ltd
Unit 6 Bridge Business Park
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TN12 6RS

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Clarke Tinwhistle Company Ltd

A Timeless Sound

The Clarke Tinwhistle has been the first step for children into the magical world of music for almost 175 years. In 1843, Charles Dickens had just published ‘ A Christmas Carol’. Mendelssohn composed his ‘Wedding March’ and Nelson’s Column was erected in Trafalgar Square. In the same year, Robert Clarke invented the Tinwhistle. The ‘Original’ Clarke Tinwhistle is made in England precisely the same way today as it was almost 175 years ago.

Simple materials, superior craftsmanship and a secret process create the distinctive ‘sweet’ tone that sets it apart from others to make the Clarke Tinwhistle the choice of beginners and professional musicians alike.

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