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Flaparaps are a unique drop-flap style cloth nappy for parents who practice baby-led potty training. Babies can use a potty any time from birth, but conventional nappies make life... complicated. Flaparaps make potty offers quick and convenient, so it's easy for parents to keep their babies clean and comfortable all day long.

Jenn Philpott, mother of four and owner of Born Ready, says: "There are so many benefits to baby-led pottying. It's a great way to bond with your baby, it prevents nappy rash and constipation, and it can even help your baby to feed and sleep better! Then there's the environmental benefits, of course. It's a lost art... but one that's well worth finding again."

Jenn teaches baby-led and toddler potty training Continuing Professional Development classes for nannies, child minders and interested parents. Her Flaparaps are made in Great Britain by an award winning factory and shipped worldwide from the Born Ready website.

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