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FEATURE | Manufacturing is GREAT with Made in Britain

FEATURE | Manufacturing is GREAT with Made in Britain


Manufacturing is GREAT and Made in Britain members have been invited to prove it! Our members are requested to submit their highest quality photographs to the team at the GREAT Britain Campaign so they can select and curate a... Read the full story

NEWS | Wimbledon courts served by MTD

NEWS | Wimbledon courts served by MTD


Made in Britain member, MTD Specialty Turf Products (formally ATT) has completed the order of 18 Cub Cadet Infinicut™ mowers to The All England Tennis Club at Wimbledon.  The Cub Cadet Infinicut™ is a visually str... Read the full story


STOVES - Made in Britain Pioneers

STOVES is one of the UK’s best-loved cooking brands, and is proud to be part of the...
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bio-bean - advanced biofuels Made in Britain

bio-bean is an award-winning clean technology company that has industrialised the pro...
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What More UK - Billions of Customers

Why we joined Made in Britain Campaign: What More UK Ltd from Made in Britain Campaign on...
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